The Best Lingerie Colors for Your Skin Tone

The Best Lingerie Colors for Your Skin Tone

The right color of lingerie can make or break your entire look when you take skin undertones into consideration. 

Skin undertones does not necessarily pertain to how tan you are, but rather the hue that your skin is. 

Undertones range from warm tones, cool tones, and neutral. There are even some colors that everyone can pull off! (Completely foolproof!)


How to determine your undertone:

It’s easy to find your undertone -- first, find some white contrast. For example, hold onto a white bra, shirt, or a strip of paper. Using a mirror, hold that same object near your face in the sunlight. 

(Lightbulbs can cast warm or cool tones themselves and can throw off your results. For best results, natural light is best.)

Warm undertones would include yellow, or olive colors, and golden hues. 
Cool undertones cast colors like rose, blue or pink.
Neutral Undertones, the fillers like greys, though not unloved.