Pearlle specializes in lingerie that’s made for the woman.

The woman who juggles many hats, titles, and responsibilities.

Behind the lace and padding, is a superwoman of the modern world - Cacy H. Shantlr. On top of being the curator of Pearlle, she is a mental health heroine and the mother of two young children. Named after her Mom and daughter, Pearlle is about passing on the legacy of lace and entrepreneurship.

Pearlle is the fusion of strong-minded women sewing their way into the textile industry and throughout the avenues of commerce.

“I’ve grown up in lingerie,” says Cacy. From a very young age, Cacy was immersed in the wholesale textile industry. She recalls spending her weekends selling merchandise to customers, learning the tricks of the trade from her mom. 

When it became time for Cacy to start Pearlle, she was mindful about holding true to important philosophies of lingerie:

  • Cuts that flatter a great range of figures
  • Unique styles for individual tastes
  • Materials that are soft on the body and the bank account

“I want women to feel good about who they are inside and out,” explains Cacy.

Since becoming a Mom, Cacy has grown to understand the various ways in which a woman’s body can change throughout the course of her lifetime. When asked how she recharges her energy, she simply states, “looking at my kids every day –– the home I live in, looking at the life that I have. They remind me of what I need to do to continue.” Cacy does her best to stay organized while juggling clients, Pearlle, and home life. “I’m empowered by my drive,” she says, “and at the end of the day, I'm functioning to provide for my family.”

Having grown up in lace, Cacy has a favorite amongst her lingerie collection. Kendall, a soft-cup wireless bralette in grey, is her all-time favorite bra to wear. It has all the qualities of function and comfort required in a superwoman’s intimates. 

Cacy’s message for her customers is to be assertive and communicate their desires. Reach out to her and express your needs and desires!

“Drop me a line and tell me what works for you. What material feels good on your skin? What type of padding do you prefer? What would make you feel better in your own skin?”

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P.S. "Cacy" is a pen name! Comment below if you have any questions/comments!