About Pearlle

About Pearlle

About Pearlle

Who we are

Pearlle is the fusion of strong-minded women sewing their way into the textile industry and throughout the avenues of commerce. Inspired by her mother’s strong-will, Cacy Shatlr launched Pearlle in 2019, creating everyday lingerie for the everyday woman. 

Cacy is the backbone and curator of Pearlle. As if running a business wasn’t enough, she is also the director of her own mental health clinic, and is a mother to two adorable kids (under the age of two)! To us Pearlle Stans, she’s a bit of a superhero.  

“Lingerie should be empowering. It should make you feel special, valuable, and unique.” 

- Cacy H. Shatlr

Our Lingerie

Pearlle (pronounced Pearl-lee) is your answer to everyday lingerie. We strive to be fashion-forward without compromising comfort or your budget.

“Lingerie is much more than an article of clothing,” says Cacy. As your body and lifestyle continue to develop and transition throughout your lifetime, keep in mind that Pearlle is always there to accommodate the needs of your body and your mind. It is our priority for you to both look great and feel confident in our intimates. 

We aren’t just making underwear, we are manifesting identities, adventures and our sexual prowess. Lingerie should be empowering. It should make you feel special, valuable, and unique. The best part, it’s your secret to keep or share.

Each season we harvest fresh Pearlle designs, made with your needs in mind. With inspiration all around, stick around to see what we dream up next!

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