Bra types & why your ability to differentiate between them is important

Bra types & why your ability to differentiate between them is important
8 of our FAVORITE Bra Styles & why we love them!

You probably have a drawer full of bras, some similar, some different. The bra styles you have in your lingerie drawer may change over the course of your lifetime, potentially due to physical changes to your body type/shape. 

Have you ever wondered what kind/type of bra is best for you?

Knowing your correct bra size or sister sizes can alleviate some of these issues, although -- what about gaping spaces or when your girls just don’t fit quite right?

Knowing and understanding the purpose of a bra style will help you find your dream bra!

At Pearlle, we focus on comfort for all, tailoring our bra choices to flatter you best. 

Read on to learn about bra styles!!

1. Bralettes

Erica Bralette

Bralettes are bras that typically have no wire, form, padding, or shape. They are incredibly comfortable and organically shape to the contours of your body. This style bra can have front, rear, or no closures/clasps, like our JUNE bralette.

Generally, people with smaller chest sizes gravitate to this bra as they are no fuss and super comfortable; however, anyone can wear them. They are the perfect Sunday or chill rainy-day bra. 

2. Full-coverage Bras

Riley bra

This bra style says it all in the name… it covers everything! SO long as you have the right bra size, this cut contains all of you all day long. Full coverage bras will be most supportive for the long day (especially for larger busts). 

Full and rounded breasts will fit this bra like a dream! Those with more shallow breast types might not fill the entire cup. If you find that this is your issue with full-coverage bras, try out a demi cut bra that will lift and support you better. One of our favorite full coverage bras is VIOLET, trimmed with gorgeous scalloped lace alongside the cups and the band. 

3. Full-figured Bras (D/DD)

Yvonne full-figured bra

Our Full-figured bras are intended for those who may have just a bit more up top. Pearlle’s full-figured bras are generally also full-coverage (explained below) and contain an underwire for extra support. 

Some of our favorite FF bras, like LORELAI, feature wide shoulder straps for added comfort. Our bra sizes range from 34D to 44DD!!!

4. High-Neck Bras

Holly high-neck bra

Who doesn’t love a little peek-a-book action with their lingerie? These high-neck cuts flatter your decolletage and offer an exciting visual when worn with a low-cut shirt or blazer. 

Our Halsey Bralette features dainty lace-up to your neck for a soft feminine look.  r Our Ashland bra, with its edgy straps, compels a more modern and minimalist design.

5. Longline Bras

Gia longline bra

If you like the idea of corsets but don’t like the fuss, a longline bra is the perfect modern choice. Longline refers to the band of the bra, the part that goes around your torso. They are called longline, bustier, or corset.

The cup shape and style can vary from the plunge, demi-cup, or full coverage bra. With a longline bra, the band can extend just around the ribcage or even further down.

Longline bras offer more support around the torso, including three or more hook & eye clasps on the band. These bras can be zipped, have front closures, etc. The extended band also offers a smooth look under clothes, perfect for dresses! Rose (one of my favorites!) is a laced longline and is also worn without straps. Are you looking for a smooth bra? Check out all of our longline designs!

6. Push-up Bras

Every small busted person’s dream, the mighty push-up! Push-up bras do precisely that. They bring the bust-up and give the appearance of a full cup size, or two, bigger than the natural bust. Pearlle offers many push-ups and even double push up, like Emma and Eva.

The magic of a push-up is partly design and mostly the padding in the cup. Ultra-comfortable push-ups have lightweight and soft padding that feels wonderfully comfortable on the body. Push-up bras can have various cup shapes such as plunge, full coverage, or T-shirts.

7. Strapless/Balconette

A strapless bra can also be a balconette or even a bra with removable straps. The benefit of a strapless bra is having the support of a bra without any visible supporting straps. Strapless bras can be beneficial when attending a more formal event when you’re wearing a tube-top or when you just don’t want to have any straps showing!

Today most strapless bras have adhesive strips or silicone lining to help keep the bra in place while you move and breathe. A strapless bra cup can vary from a plunge, push-up, or half-cup, etc. This term mainly refers to the fact that the bra has no straps or removable straps. 

8. T-Shirt/Demi

The most purchased bra of all! The T-shirt bra. It is called a “T-shirt” since these bras typically have smooth fabric and give a seamless look under a T-shirt. These bras generally are fully supportive on all sides with moderate coverage. Large pendulous breasts may not fill a whole cup. If this is the case, try a cup size (and adjust your band!) down. These bras are very comfortable and intended for everyday use and wear.

A demi is similar to a T-shirt bra with a few variances. First, the cup is partial coverage, similar to a half-cup or a balconette. Second, the wires are wide and evenly “U”-shaped to support the bust for your natural cleavage lift. The overall shape of this bra is slightly rectangular, lacking the plunge and deep “V” like a full coverage or plunge bra. 

This semi-comprehensive list of our favorite styles can help you find what works best for your body and breast type. With new styles coming out every season (and bodysuits, yay!), you’ll be sure to find a look that’s empowering for you!

As always, reach us at!! We are always more than happy to get to know you, your thoughts, and to chat about lingerie!!


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